acrhIt’s springtime, which means spring cleaning, birds chirping…and switching from heating to air for your heating and cooling system. As a burgeoning heating, cooling, and refrigeration professional, you know these systems need to be adjusted for the transition from extreme cold to extreme heat.

You’ll work with many clients, many of whom will want tips on maintaining their systems as the temperature changes. You, being a consummate pro, will have some tips at the ready, and we’re ready to give them to you. Here are a few things to tell them:

Get a seasonal service. Having a regular tune-up will keep a heating and air system working at optimal efficiency, help prevent breakdowns, and make sure there are no underlying problems that can come back to haunt you in the heat of July. For you, it will score you some more service calls.

Replace filters. Clients love this because it is something they can do themselves easily (and inexpensively), and it makes a difference. Clean out those dusty old winter filters and refresh for spring. This not only saves wear and tear on the system, but it improves air quality as well. Advise clients to check monthly and replace when needed.

Get ducts inspected. Having ductwork tested for leaks, and occasionally cleaned, will contribute to more effective heating and cooling, improve the air quality, and will keep the house generally in good shape.

Get a programmable thermostat. Isn’t technology great? Now we can not only program our thermostat to automatically change at given times of the day, but with the proper equipment we can also access them while we’re not even home through smartphone and tablet apps. Advising clients to switch to a new programmable thermostat improves efficiency, can lower energy costs, and gives them a new toy to play with.

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