Air Conditioning Trends 2016As technology continues to evolve, so does the air conditioning, refrigeration, and heating industry. Smart technology is taking over, and heating and cooling contractors who catch on have an advantage over those who wait.

Keeping your customers informed on the latest in heating and cooling trends means you have to keep up with them yourself. That means staying informed on the latest and greatest. But as a professional, you already know that, right? Energy efficiency continues to be the future of the industry, so continue pursuing those types of systems.

But that isn’t the extent of the key to your success in the coming year.

Smart products are sweeping the industry, automating sales and service by taking advantage of technology that is taking over most other aspects of our lives. Energy-saving measures are key. Home and business owners want their new investment to mean lower heating and cooling bills, and increased control over their units means just that.

Mobile solutions are important to achieve that level of control. That goes both for the customer and for the service agency. You might want to begin thinking about implementing enterprise mobility software as part of your services. That means you get increased control, reduced response times, and allow you to work more efficiently than ever.

In 2016 construction projects continue to increase, and that means more opportunities for you. More heating and cooling units will need to be installed, and, eventually, serviced. Will you be able to take advantage of that opportunity?

Sitting back and resting on the status quo will not increase business. Integrating mobile field software will let you keep up with your competitors. Education is vital to keeping up, to thriving, and to finding that success. Technology continues to be king; be sure to keep up!

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