Pictured are several Building Maintenance professionalsWorking in Building Maintenance, you learn to master many skills, such as basic electricity, carpentry, plumbing, heating, air conditioning maintenance, as well as painting, papering and tiling. There are in fact many positive aspects to being a jack of all trades, and here are some plusses of a position in this industry:


It makes you adaptable.

One of the biggest skills employers want, is someone who can adapt to a changing situation. As a jack of all trades, you will be asked to  solve  a problem, not simply performing a series of tasks designed to finish a job. Your job is to fix things, no matter what the issue, and that gives you a versatility that many people don’t have.

You fit in leadership positions.

Having varied experiences means varied perspectives, which allows you to take a leadership role in other jobs. Being able to empathize with different types of work means you can offer advice and guidance to others. It doesn’t necessarily make you a good manager, but it gives you a baseline skill that you can develop into a managerial position.

It builds confidence.

Nothing breeds self-confidence like doing things. Confidence is also a huge part of career success, and nothing builds confidence like the ability to solve problems on your own consistently. That is not just good for your career; it’s good for your life.


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