Electrical Graduates Shine as Hiring Relationship with Weber Display and Packaging Flourishes

When one of our admissions reps runs into a human resources representative at an event and they gush about hiring from Orleans Technical College, you better believe we’re going to press for more information. Well, in talking to David Brown, Human Resource Coordinator with Weber Display and Packaging, you learn even more, especially about the Residential & Commercial Electricity training graduates he has hired from Orleans over the years.

The longest ongoing operating corrugated packaging and display manufacturer in the city of Philadelphia, this company provides display and packaging solutions for clients across the world. With patents in corrugated packaging, Weber provides our graduates the opportunity to test their hands working with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring that all machines are operating smoothly.

Brown, who has hired multiple Orleans graduates over the years, says that he expects a lot more from the graduates he brings in because “I know they’ll have an understanding of what happens and what to expect. They’ll have mastered the basics, and our guys will teach them the specialty on our machines.” He continued, “no matter what industry you enter, you will encounter different machines, but the principles are the same. Orleans graduates come in prepared and ready to work.”

The Orleans graduates that Weber hires operate in the maintenance department working on preventative maintenance, while also troubleshooting, diagnosing and fixing any new problems that arise. “If machines are down it means we can’t be productive, so we really rely on these folks to be on their games.” The employees work on teams of four or so people, including a supervisor, and growth within the company in encouraged.

When looking to hire from Orleans, Brown wants to know that his future employees can “be on time every day, be responsible while on the job, and learn and then do the job you’re taught. If you have all 3 there will be success.”

This partnership continues to flourish and Brown has this to say to any future Electrical students. “Make sure you take full advantage of everything your school has to offer. I know how much Orleans offers and you need to remember you are there to learn! Take advantage of speakers, career opportunities and soak everything up. This is so much more than resume fodder. You want to learn and grow!”

We thank Weber Display and Packaging for this great relationship and honor them as our April Employer of the Month.