Got your sights set on a job in the health care industry? The Patient Services Representative training program at Orleans Technical College, operated by JEVS Human Services, provides an accelerated path forward. With the next course kicking off in January 2019, we thought you may be wondering what it is all about.

What is the Patient Services Representative program?

The health care industry is one of our country’s fastest growing economic sectors. The Patient Services Representative program at Orleans Tech lets you get your foot into a very competitive door. This career can offer a variety of satisfying work environments, stability and advancement opportunities. What’s more, you can earn your Career Diploma in just six months! Our job training program covers business, computer and customer service skills, as well as medical terminology and ethics.

Students can also expect job search assistance and a 120-hour externship program, giving them the opportunity for hands-on, practical training in a medical setting. Program graduates have gone on to complete externships—and lock down jobs—with major organizations like Einstein Healthcare Network, CHOP Care Network-Abington Specialty Care Center, and Holy Redeemer Healthcare.

What do Patient Services Representatives do?

They play an important role for individuals visiting a hospital or medical office. This administrative position is key to a patient having a successful visit. Serving as the first point of contact between patients and medical providers, Patient Services Representatives coordinate the information from and to patients, family members, providers and administrative staff in order to help patients navigate their health and medical treatment. That means they have a direct hand in:

  • Managing patient check-ins and referrals, scheduling appointments, verifying insurance and more
  • Providing patient information to doctors, nurses and specialists
  • Listening for and resolving patient concerns, as well as recommending ways of improving health care quality and service

Who’s the ideal candidate? Do I need prior experience in the medical field?

No experience necessary! Anyone with an interest in the health care industry will feel at home at Orleans Technical College. That said, the program is especially ideal for those who went straight from high school to some sort of customer service role and are now ready to transition into a stable 9-to-5 work environment where they’ll have room to grow. It’s also a great way for folks already working in hospitals or medical facilities who want to transition into the administrative side, and to reap all the opportunities and rewards that come with it.

You can begin a new career as a Patient Services Representative in just 6 months at Orleans Tech! For more information about our upcoming class and how to get started, please use the form to request info.!