Women in Trades Series: High-Voltage Technician Reinvented Herself at Orleans.

Everyone has their own version of rock bottom. Last summer, Alison Battestelli found hers. She had recently moved from a homeless shelter into her inlaws Oxford Circle home. She was stuck in a dead-end retail job and trying to support her disabled husband as well as their 8-month-old daughter. And she was depressed.

But Battestelli also had an idea. She wanted to reinvent herself, wanted to start a new career. So she went onto the Internet and found a link to the Residential and Commercial Electricity training program offered by Orleans Technical College. Six months later, Battestelli landed a lucrative new job as an apprentice high-voltage technician.

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Photo credit: Northeast Times, Donna Dipaolo

— Alison Battestelli, Orleans Tech Graduate, Class of 2016

(March 2016)

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