Finding a Job

Message from Our Career Services Department

Graduate employment assistance is an important facet of Orleans’ training programs. Students are taught how to enter the labor market, along with methods for developing specific job leads. Employment Specialists meet with students individually and in groups to identify the job search needs of each student and to provide employment assistance. They offer orientation to the world of work, provide training in interviewing techniques, and instruct students on how and where to seek employment. Emphasis is placed on developing effective telephone techniques and the utilization of Internet job leads. A detailed résumé is prepared for each student and copies are provided for personal use.

Employment Specialists also facilitate employment for graduates by surveying the local market, contacting employers by telephone, email, Internet, fax, or mail, in order to secure job leads for students.

Although Orleans cannot guarantee employment for its graduates, every effort is made to assist graduates to secure jobs at no additional cost. The ultimate responsibility for finding employment, however, lies with the graduate.

Job search assistance continues for every graduate as long as necessary and appropriate. Employment Specialists contact all graduating students at periodic intervals after graduation to obtain employment information as required.

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Latest Career Opportunities

Below are examples of the types of jobs and job titles that recent Orleans Tech graduates have obtained in their journeys onto new careers:

Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, & Heating:
AC Technician, AC Maintenance Mechanic, AC Duct Mechanic, ACRH Maintenance Engineer
Building Maintenance:
Building Maintenance Technician, Facility Technician, Building Engineer
Carpenter Assistant, Carpentry Installer, Carpenter, Carpenter Apprentice, Cabinet Maker
Plumbing & Heating:
Heating Technician, Plumber’s Helper, Plumber Apprentice, Plumber
Residential & Commercial Electricity:
Electrician Helper, Alarm Installer, Electrical Maintenance Mechanic, Electrical Maintenance Technician, Electrician