3 Reasons Why Modern Ben Franklin Would be an Electrician in 2019


Pictured is Benjamin Franklin flying his kite in a lightning stormWe all know the story of “The First American”… Author. Printer. Politician. Philosopher. Diplomat. Scientist. Inventor. Etc. But have you ever wondered what his story would like if he were living in modern times? Here are our top 3 reasons why Ben Franklin would be an Electrician who got his start at Orleans Tech.

Established in Philly.

Franklin was born in Boston, but after just 2 years of formal education and a short lived apprenticeship under his belt, he ran to Philadelphia at the age of 17. Looking for a fresh start, Franklin launched his career by becoming the publisher of the Pennsylvania Gazette.  Modern Ben Franklin would probably have to surf the net for a new career because the days of printed newspapers are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Tradesmen Origins

Franklin was a member of the Freemasons, an organization of men who can trace their roots back to the stonemasons. His father made candles, and his brother was a printer. Coming from a family of tradesmen, it’s safe to assume Franklin would consider becoming a tradesman himself in 2016. Where would he learn the tricks of his trade? That’s easy. Philadelphia’s own Orleans Tech.

Discovered Electricity

Franklin discovered electricity by flying a kite in a lightning storm. Luckily for him, we have found much safer ways to harness the power of electricity. His interest in all things that shock would make him a perfect fit for the Orleans Tech’s Residential and Commercial Electricity program! Be like modern Franklin.


You can begin a new career in Electrical in just 6 months at Orleans Tech! For more information about our upcoming class and how to get started, please use the form to request info.!

Electricians Needed in Philly!


Pictured are Orleans Tech RCE StudentsIt’s funny how quickly things can change for electricians. It seems like one minute the economy is in a tailspin and construction is bottoming out. The next, we’re in recovery and suddenly there is a construction boom.

Jobs for electricians tend to reflect the overall health of the economy, meaning that the better the economy, the more electricians are needed to handle the increase in construction.

Now, as things are getting better, an opportunity is emerging for young, up-and-coming skilled workers in the area of electrical work. In short, if you’re interested in becoming an electrician, there likely will be plenty of opportunities for you in the near future.

During our recent recession, many electricians in the Philadelphia left the industry, seeing a lack of work and jobs. Instead, they moved on to other work and careers. Now, just a few years later, the industry misses those workers, and there is capacity for new professionals to step in and take that work.

Electrician employment opportunities are projected to grow 8 percent from 2016 to 2026. Prospects for electricians should continue to have a positive outlook, as many employers report difficulty finding qualified applicants. (Source: Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook)

What’s more, the work an electrician does is evolving. Solar and wind energies are altering the way electricians work, and as they continue to emerge as alternative energy sources, the job of an electrician will also shift as well. This also gives new electricians an advantage because they will be learning how to do that work with their initial training. Existing electricians have had to adapt to the new technology while receiving this new training. For those who strike quickly, they have a chance to get in on the ground floor.

So the big question for someone like you no doubt revolves around getting started. This is the right time for someone considering a career as an electrician to get in because of the need. The opportunities and the need are there, so, really, why not?

You can begin a new career in Electrical in just 6 months at Orleans Tech! For more information about our upcoming class and how to get started, please use the form to request info.!

Should You Pursue Residential or Commercial Electrician Jobs?


RCE BlogThere are two main areas of the electrical trade that new electricians can choose to enter: commercial and residential. Each area carries with it special skills and requirements. Which skills you choose to build will shape your path and your future (though don’t discount the possibility of toggling between each field).

First, the similarities. Each type of electrician relies on foundational skills of the trade, and have to use the basics of the job in order to perform their daily duties. Obviously an intimate knowledge of the electrical code is a must, as is being able to complete jobs within a given budget.

Commercial electricians install and maintain electrical systems in places of business. Office buildings, manufacturing plants, retail stores, energy production and chemical plants are among those systems. That has important distinctions like differences in wiring and the voltage. Commercial systems, of course, require more power, and require greater efficiency and equipment that lasts longer.

Residential electricians, quite simply, work in living spaces like homes and apartments. Residential systems are designed to provide increased protection from electrical shock, which means sheath insulation completely covering residential wiring. Systems in residences are meant to be accessed in a way convenient to electricians, but still be out of reach from those inhabiting the dwelling. Most of that wiring is run through conduits or ceiling rafters, which accomplishes both of those goals.

Those differences are important, and typically electricians specialize in one area or the other depending on their own interests and abilities. Making the decision on which of these specializations to pursue is a personal decision, one that lies within personal preferences. As you develop as an electrician you can decide which path is right for you. Or, perhaps, you will simply try them both at different points of your career.


You can begin a new career in Electrical in just 6 months at Orleans Tech! For more information about our upcoming class and how to get started, please use the form to request info.!

The Next Generation of Electricians


Time marches on, and as it does everything ages. One thing that stays constant is the workforce. Over the years, occupations, from electricians to every other job, eventually turns over.

It’s a never ending cycle: old electricians teach new ones, then retire, allowing the new electricians to grow into the old ones, and along the way they teach new ones, and so on.

For the past several years, though, leaders of the electrical industry have lived in a state of uncertainty, worried about the future of the industry while the country climbed out of recession.

Now that it is happening, it’s time to again think about the future of the industry, and who is going to take those electrician jobs. In the past, there was comparatively little trouble filling electrician jobs with fresh talent, but this generation has largely been swallowed up by the technology boom. Everyone, it seems, is looking to the computer, the smartphone, and the tablet to secure their future.

But there is need for tradesmen, and there are jobs to be had in the electrical industry, which means eventually there will be workers to take the jobs. The pluses of the job are many: specific knowledge of a trade, and you don’t have to attend a 4-year university to become one, which means bypassing the debt that can become crippling for many. Pay rates and benefits are often strong, while many trade schools that train our future electricians, such as Orleans Tech, offer smaller, more focused class sizes.

Attracting high school students to electrician educational programs is important, then, to ensure there are enough new qualified workers to keep the industry properly staffed. New construction projects, and the upkeep of existing structures provide the stability and job security people are looking for, but it’s your identification of a need, of your talent, and of the opportunity, that will make you an electrician.

You can begin a new career in Electrical in just 6 months at Orleans Tech! For more information about our upcoming class and how to get started, please use the form to request info.!

Learn Residential and Commercial Electricity Skills at Orleans Tech


Check out these photos capturing our Phase 2 Residential and Commercial Electricity students as they run power a stick house built on-site. Keep up the great work!

Residential and Commericial Electricity


Residential and Commericial Electricity

You can begin a new career in Electrical in just 6 months at Orleans Tech! For more information about our upcoming class and how to get started, please use the form to request info.!

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